Swiftlet 3.0

Swiftlet, a light-weight PHP framework built for speed and security launched by Raphael several years ago in it’s version Swiftlet 1.1 Stable (see below more about that original version). Over time however, a lot of functionality was added and started to suffer from feature creep. The original intention of creating a maintainable framework that was easy to pick up was a bit lost.

After a spur of inspiration it was decided to start over. With a slightly different vision, a better understanding of MVC and experience gained with the project I managed to finish it the same day. The result is about 150kB of code including documentation.

If you’re unfamiliar with the model-view-controller approach to programming Swiftlet might be a good starting point. The code is quite simple and hopefully the documentation makes the concept understandable.

Swiftlet 1.1 Stable

The original version of Swiftlet together with a new web page at swiftlet.org. Swiftlet is a light-weight framework written in PHP aimed to make website development faster and easier.

Version 1.1 came with a few new plugins that bring CMS-like features to Swiftlet. See the changelog for the full list of changes.

The documentation has also been updated and can now be found at swiftlet.org/docs. If you need support or have any requests, feel free to start a thread at swiftlet.org/community.

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