IE6ify Bookmarklet

Perhaps one of the most known projects of ElbertF, the IE6ify Bookmarklet. He has managed to reproduce exactly how websites were likely to look like in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) all thanks to a simple bookmarklet.

Individuals usually neglect just how much of a monopolistic juggernaut Microsoft once was: Web Explorer 6, at its optimal in 2004, thanks to its packing with Windows XP, was utilized by virtually 90% of Internet users. Then a little wonder happened: Firefox 1 launched and also IE has actually shed market share ever since.

That was quite differently in the beginning of the 2010 decade, where just 12% of Internet surfers were using Internet web explorer (IE6). And that % was mainly thanks to China, South Korea and various other Asian nations. Since then, the game has changed completely and actually we are facing another monopoly, this time coming from Chrome. Despite of that, this article was made to recover how some of us still laugh at how those past web browser passed away with an unpleasant and ignoble death. Mainly because its user experience was really bad.

IE6ify: IE6 always having a special place in our hearts

Yet, similar to the bawdy and animated phosphorescence of Geocities, the misaligned chaos of IE6 will constantly have a special place in our hearts. For a lot of Dot-com Bubble programmers, off-by-one-pixel CSS borders and also disgustingly convoluted hacks to make IE6 and also Firefox look alike were a way of living.

That’s why one resourceful programmer has produced back in the days the IE6ify, a bookmarklet that refines your existing page with the IE6 providing algorithm – or its best estimate, anyhow. Drop it onto your book marking bar, head over to your favored site, and struck the switch. Marvel as IE6ify breaks and also twists innocent HTML as well as CSS until it howls. You may need to hit the button a few times to make the adjustments much more recognizable.

If you still want to play a bit with it, check: