Free transform plugin for Raphaël JS

After doing some research for work involving client-side image manipulation, he did focus on creating Raphaël, a JavaScript library that simplifies working with vector graphics on the web.

One thing he was struggling from time to time was applying multiple transformations to an element. When rotating an object the coordinate plane rotates with it which means dragging no longer works as one might expect (e.g. right becomes up). Raphaël’s creator Dmitri Baranovskiy indicated that is the correct behavior.

He started to work out a solution and released it as a plugin. It supports snap-to-grid dragging, scaling and rotating and handles sets. Like Raphaël itself, the plugin is licensed under the MIT license.

Source code
Raphaël.FreeTransform on GitHub

Serialize Raphaël elements and back.

Cross-browser solution to export Raphaël elements to SVG, works in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. Can be used to convert Raphaël drawings to PNG or PDF server-side using ImageMagick or Batik.

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