Automated direct messages on Twitter

Posted on July 06, 2009

I’m a bit over the amount of spam I receive through Twitter’s messaging system. I get a fair number of direct messages every day and most of them are automated. I do read them all in case someone sends me a genuine message.

It shouldn’t be to hard for Twitter to detect automated messages, they could give me an option to block messages that have been send out more then ten times by a single user (I could create an application to do this myself but simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle that many messages, it would need thousands of active users to be effective).

Instead, I created a Twitter app to report users who send auto DMs to. Just tweet “@stopautodm @username” and they will be placed on the Hall of Shame. Perhaps at some point I could add an option to automatically unfollow the most reported users.

Twitter: @stopautodm

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Posted on March 24, 2009

A few days ago I launched Twitchance, a free Twitter lottery. It’s a viral marketing experiment where I’m going to give away some cash ($500.- on the first draw).

The concept is simple; participants post a message from a sponsor on Twitter. After some time a winner is randomly selected and awarded the prize. The sponsor receives amplified outreach to the online world.

Many companies offer services for free on the internet, often powered by advertisements. I figured the same could be done with a lottery. Twitter has a huge user base and tracking specific messages is easy, making it the perfect place for a project like this.

Anyone can join, all you need is a Twitter and Paypal account.

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