First Twitchance winner announced

Posted on April 06, 2009

I just announced the first winner on Twitchance: @benjaminluk gets the $500!

6S Marketing made a bold move supporting Twitchance by being the first sponsor. The concept was unproven and perhaps a bit controversial but they were curious and decided is was worth a try. I encourage you to follow them on Twitter.

The next draw is on April 20, this time sponsored by Hover who provided another $500 and 20 smaller prizes.

We decided to make a small concept change: instead of randomly selecting a winner the sponsor and I pick the most creative message on Twitter and award the author with the prize.

To join, simply follow the instructions on the Twitchance website.

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Posted on March 24, 2009

A few days ago I launched Twitchance, a free Twitter lottery. It’s a viral marketing experiment where I’m going to give away some cash ($500.- on the first draw).

The concept is simple; participants post a message from a sponsor on Twitter. After some time a winner is randomly selected and awarded the prize. The sponsor receives amplified outreach to the online world.

Many companies offer services for free on the internet, often powered by advertisements. I figured the same could be done with a lottery. Twitter has a huge user base and tracking specific messages is easy, making it the perfect place for a project like this.

Anyone can join, all you need is a Twitter and Paypal account.

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